This Corona Virus mutation is unknown to the human immune system until recently, and therefore the rapid spread. The complications are similar to other known corona viruses, but due to the numbers of potential infections, the number of seriously ill patients may put a high additional burden on the already overloaded health care systems in our region. Therefore the very important measures that was put in place worldwide for this pandemic.
In order to curb the rapid spread of the virus the following measures have to be taken:

1. Avoid gatherings of large numbers of people
2. Avoid travelling
3. Stay 2 metres away from people with respiratory tract infections
4. Wear a mask when having a respiratory tract infection
5. Avoid contact with public areas (handrails, door handles, elevator buttons)
6. Avoid touching other people’s hands
7. Close the lid before flushing the toilet
8. Keep cell phone surfaces clean
9. Wash hands regularly
10. Do not touch your face before disinfecting your hands.
11. Self-quarantine for 14 days when from overseas.

You should suspect a Covid2019 infection under the following circumstances:

1. When you had contact with a person form an area where the virus is known to be in (China, Europe, USA).
2. When you have symptoms of couch, sore throat, fever
3. When you suffer from respiratory distress.
When suspecting a COVID infection, do the following
1. Phone your general practitioner, clinic
2. Do not go to a hospital, clinic or surgery. Get advice over the telephone form a clinic, medical professional about your next step.
3. Phone the NICD helpline 0800 029 999
4. Keep out of public spaces when ill.
5. The condition is self-limiting in 95% of cases after 3 weeks.

Dr Bester and Bosch
March 2020