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"Radio is powerful and eventually become a part of our lifestyle."

MedFm 104.1– A Health Community Radio Station for Bloemfontein

MedFm 104.1 is an exciting new concept radio station which broadcast health and health related matters to the general public in a modern and presentable way. This is an exciting concept with a guaranteed potential to contribute to the improvement of health and lifestyles of our target population.

MedFm operate as a Non-Profit organisation (Article 21 company).

MedFm is a healthy alternative for Bloemfontein and surrounding areas. Community involvement and participation is at the heart of this community radio station while we constantly promote wellness by harnessing a healthy lifestyle on all levels of the area it serves.

Orson Wells quoted: “radio is theatre of the mind”

The aim of MedFm is to serve the broader Mangaung as well as 100 km radius, rural community, informing, education and entertaining them, as well as allowing for active participation of the listeners in the radio station. This with the main focus on health and health related content forming a holistic wellness station.

  • Providing a forum for discussion of local health issues so that it will lead to the solution to problems.
  • Encouraging creativity as a way of promoting a healthier lifestyle and development of community forums to address health issues and the funding thereof.
  • Supporting education and health within the community.
  • Featuring a majority of local and South African music.
  • We encourage “active community participation” in running the station.
  • “We have no other agenda: we report accurately; we are fair and balanced; we tell the truth to the best of our ability.”
  • We include community residents in developing and understanding all health issues and how to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Our commitment to information and public affairs will lead to the setting up and funding of a number of field workers, staff and mobile clinics that are trained in the principles of health care.
  • Commitment to supporting the health of the community will guide our decisions about what kind advertising we accept. For example, MedFm will not allow the advertising of cigarettes on the station, and promote the responsible use of all substances.

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